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Tommy George, Founder & Owner

A Charlotte native, Tommy opened P&P with his wife, Debbie, in 1992, and has poured his passion and personality into the business model since day one. Creative and compassionate, Tommy's taste and humble persona is our guiding ethos. Tommy is passionate about environmentalism, economic justice, historic building renovation, and music—all of which are reflected in the Pasta & Provisions DNA. He is also a wild mushroom forager, a hospice volunteer, a runner, and a lifelong traveler.

Debbie George, Vice President

Originally from Rhode Island, Debbie has been a guiding influence on P&P, largely behind-the-scenes, from the beginning. She is also a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and a Dharma Leader at Insight Meditation Community of Charlotte, offering a depth of practice steeped in breath and present moment awareness. Her positivity and joie de vivre are infused in the P&P model of hospitality.

Dylan George, General Manager

The middle of the Georges' three sons, Dylan joined the family business after graduating from Appalachian State in 2012 and a stint with local wine importer CHL specializing in Italian wine. With infectious people skills and a vision for the future of the company, Dylan is now the driving force of P&P. He lives near the Park Rd. shop in Charlotte's Madison Park neighborhood with his wife Sarah, a speech therapist, daughter Mary Grace, and their son Beau.

Agustin Ortez, Pasta Maker

A native of El Salvador, Agustin fled his home country's horrific civil war in the early '80s and ended up in Boston, working alongside Tommy at Capone Foods. Shortly after P&P opened, Agustin contacted his old colleague and inquired about moving with his family down to the Queen City. After 30 years with the company, he still touches almost every piece of pasta we make—except during his annual visit home to El Salvador.

Oscar Flores, Baker

Oscar is also a refugee of El Salvador's civil war and came to P&P through mutual contacts with Agustin in 1993. As any of our longtime customers would agree, to know Oscar is to love him. He never stops smiling and can often be heard laughing in the kitchen while preparing the next day's fresh focaccia dough.

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In Loving Memory Of


Tommy's younger brother Stephen, a graduate of Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI, was P&P's first chef and recipes he developed are still in use in our kitchens today. Look closely around our original Providence Rd. shop and you'll spot the objets d'art he was known to acquire (such as a rare original painting by his friend, sushi chef Ru San) and even one of his own "melted phone" artworks. Suffering from bipolar disorder, Stephen died by suicide in his adopted hometown of Key West on October 3, 2003. His memory inspires us every day and his outsize influence will forever remain at the heart of Pasta & Provisions.